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the most powerful kind of marketing is telling stories…

we want to tell yours


A full-service video production company, focused on creating emotionally engaging content

Based outside Atlanta, GA, Shackleford Films is a full-service video production company specializing in creating branded content that helps brands connect with their clients on an emotional level. By uncovering the “why” behind your brand, we are able to tell authentic stories that build strong positive impressions of your business. Through in-depth conversations, purposeful time together, and independent research, we’ll craft a creative vision for films that intentionally communicates the story behind your brand to the world.


Our Process


We want to completely understand your business, and the project you’re investing in. We uncover many key components that will drive your vision. We’re working to understand your ideal clients and how you want them to feel and connect with your brand. Details like script writing, storyboarding, location logistics, budgeting and scheduling are all being sorted during this phase.


We’re taking all work we did during the pre-production phase and executing on our plans. During our shoot days, we diligently work to ensure everything unfolding in front of the camera is exactly in line with the message and emotion you want to convey to your clients.


We’ve now wrapped all shooting and are taking everything to the editing room. Our preparation during pre-production and execution during production are now paying off as we pull everything together into our final deliverable video content packages. We’re now doing the video editing, color grading, audio mastering and putting all the final touches on your project.


Daniel is an outstanding cinematographer and his professional approach to production is very refreshing. His creativity and attention to detail in each project is what makes his work stand out. Daniel has always been a source of inspiration and knowledge. If your looking for high quality and creative videos I would highly recommend Shackleford films.
— Alex Lewis