I’m Daniel, the owner and cinematographer of Shackleford Films. The power of film—of beautiful lighting, of emotional music, of purposeful composition—has captivated me for as long as I can remember, but most of all, I’m captivated by stories.

In our fast-paced, mass-produced world, it’s rare to find people who are doing things differently. More slowly. More intentionally. I know that behind each business that paves its own path is the passion, talent, and creativity of an artisan or adventurer with a story.

And I believe your story deserves to be told.

As a boutique production company, I am proud to partner with businesses that take deep pride in their craft and serve the world in unique ways. My goal is to uncover the heart of why you do what you do, to communicate that to the world in an engaging way, and to provide you with video content created at the highest level in order to help you attract more of your ideal customers and grow your business.

My own story has taken me from a small town in Georgia where I met my college sweetheart, to the mountains where we were married, to the open road when we sold most of our belongings in favor of adventuring across the country in a 28-foot trailer for a year. Our greatest adventure, though, began in August 2017 when we welcomed our son, Arthur, to the world. Along the way, I’ve been honored to tell the stories of photographers, musicians, churches and more through film.

When I’m not on-site for a video shoot or at home with my family, you can often find me hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, and camping. I’m passionate about being outdoors, and the power and beauty of nature inspires my work in countless ways.